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The Intention is a culmination of our last 30 years of expirience in kiting. A high aspect ratio fused with generoius broadseaming in the spine, and a highly cut trailing edge fused with an extremely stable and supportive bridle configuration make this kite a jack of all trades, and one that demands a fluid, informed hand. With refined balance points, grounded tow points, and ambitious geometry, the Inteniton's feedback will boldly show what parts of your flying work well, and what could be refined. If you are looking for a kite to help you progress your skills through a fluid, informed lens, look no further.


Read about the Intention's design process here


Other information:

Skill Level: Intermediate- Professional.

Bridle: Reverse Turbo- UL, ST, Vent. 3 Point- SUL.

Pull: Medium-medium strong

Turn rate: Inside Wing

Reccomended Line Stregnth: 50#(SUL), 100# (UL), 100-150# (ST), 150-200# (VT)

Reccomended Line Legnth: 75-130'


All kites are made to order and hand built by John McCracken. You will receive an email confirming approximate lead time.
  1. Please click HERE for the Intention colorizers.  Please note that there are three colorizers for the Intention; Full Custom, Partial Custom Light and Partial Custom Dark
  2. Please click "save", then "share". Copy and paste colorizer the URL into the "Add Note" section at checkout.

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