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Prismatex Series Special Release


On rare occasions, Canvas Kite Designs will release a Prismatex (Holographic Mylar Laminate) and Icarex sail of one of our currently offered models. These are sold on a first come, first serve basis, and limited to one per customer, per release. The Prismatex Series will be made in gratitude to Erv Crosby and Reggie Yaplee for both owning and properly storing the inventory of the Four Winds Kite Shop, which was purchased by Canvas Kite Designs in 2022.


What you get:

  • Exclusive one-off sport kite
  • Prismatex reinforcements if applicable 
  • Custom heavy duty bag with prismatex and CKD logo
  • True black diamond (clear coat) painted Sky Shark tubes in lower spreaders: a rare discontinued series to further protext your bridle.


What is Prismatex?
Prismatex is a holographic mylar laminate that is a subcategory of mylar. Prismatex has ultra-low stretch and drag qualities, yielding higher response and feedback over the wind range. 


Long discontinued, prismatex is extremely sought after and used in high performance kites from Bob Childs, Erv Crosby, and the ultra-limited run of the Sky Burner Solus EC - a collaboration between Devin, the Trennepohl family, Pam Kirk, and Mike Dennis.


Prismatex is NOT offered for custom orders. These limited-edition releases are high performance sport kites and collector pieces. Canvas Kite Designs completes models in icarex sails only, so it is important to note there may be differences in characteristscs between icarex sails and icarex/prismatex hybrid sails.

Prismatex Series



Skill Level: Intermediate - Professional

Strengths: Combinations, handles turbulent wind, high impact maneuvers

Wingspan: 94" | 239cm

Windrange: 4mph - 12mph (UL) | 6mph - 20mph (ST)

Turn Rate: Inside wing

Bridle: Reverse-turbo

Recommended Line Legnth: 50'-100'

Recommended Line Stregnth: 75-100# (UL), 100-150# (ST)


Skill Level: Intermediate - Professional

Strengths: Sail pressure, combinations, stalls, large wind window. Accessible for pairs and group flying

Wingspan: 98" | 249cm

Windrange: 3mph - 12mph (UL) | 6mph - 20mph (ST)

Turn Rate: On wingtip

Bridle: Reverse-turbo

Recommended Line Legnth: 75'-125'

Recommended Line Stregnth: 100# (UL), 100-150# (ST)

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